Art & Craft Preschool 1月

Hello everyone and Happy New Year (^▽^)/

We hope that you enjoyed Christmas and New Year’s holidays! We hope also that you did not have any problem with the snow at the end of January ((´∀`)) It was so cold outside !
First of all, for this first craft of the year, we decided to make a snow moutain creation. Kids drew moutains and colored them with brown pen. Then, they added spangles and snow flakes in paper for the snow. It looked like the moutains of Otsu. Don’t you think so ? (^▽^)
Then, for cooking class, we cooked waffles with red beans. It was like どら焼き ☆
You can see on the pictures that children loved those waffles very much 😋 
This month, Kid’s song was「Days of the week」♪
Thanks to this song, children learned, in a funny way, the days of the week ♪ You can try to sing this song with them at home. They will love it ♪