Art & Craft Preschool 12月

Hello everyone(^▽^)/

December is finally here with winter weather and new friends. Everybody is waiting for Christmas and New Year holidays ((´∀`)) However, be careful to not catch a cold before. It is so cold outside!
First of all, for craft, children created a Christmas tree with red and green papers, stickers, spangles and cotton.  They were very happy and very excited to create their own Christmas tree because they were probably thinking about Christmas night, Santa Claus and the presents (^▽^)
For cooking class, children ate Christmas cookies which looked like snowmen ☆
It is was so cute to see their amazed faces when they discovered the cookies😋 
This month, Kid’s song was「Five little snowmen」♪
This song tells the story of five little snowmen with big red hats and big red bows whose are melting because of the sun♪ Kids loved this song very much because of the song’s melody and the very cute characters.
Finally, we did a Christmas party. Many people came, did very fun activities and received presents from Santa Claus himself (^▽^)


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