Art & Craft Preschool 2月

Hello everyone (^▽^)/

This month, everybody was waiting for Valentine Day ! Did you celebrate this day with your family or your friends ? We hope that you received many chocolates for the occasion ((´∀`)) 🍫
First of all, for craft, we made Valentine Day cards with kids. On a special paper full of hearts, we glued a pink heart with red arms and red legs. Then, we added funny eyes and a big smile to create a lovely face  (^▽^)
For cooking class, children ate Valentine cookies. As you can see on the pictures, those cookies had a special form for Valentine Day ☆ It was so yummy 😋 
This month, Kid’s song was「Five little hearts」♪💖
This song tells the story of five little hearts whose sharing their feelings for Valentine Day ♪ Thanks to this song, children can learn how to share their good feelings to their friends and their family (*⌒▽⌒*)💝