Art & Craft Preschool 5月

Hello everyone (^▽^)/

We hope that you enjoyed this sunny month of May ((´∀`)/ 
First of all, for craft, children made Mother’s day cards. For this special day, we cut and feld brown and blue papers. Then, to create a bear’s face, children glued eyes, nose and drawn the mouth. Finally, they colored inside this craft. It was a very cute present to offer for this Mother’s day ((*´∀`*))
For cooking class, children ate ice cream sundae with chocolate. As you can see on the pictures with their faces, this dessert was very good but also very cold {{ (>_<) }}
This month, Kid’s song was「Mother’s day song」♪
With this song, children learned how it is important to help and to be nice with their mommies every days but especially on this Mother’s day♪ (*⌒▽⌒*) 
Finally, with this beautiful weather, we took the opportunity to go outside with children. They enjoyed to play outside with sandbox toys (≧∀≦)