Art & Craft Preschool 7月

Hello everyone (^▽^)/

On this month of July, the sun has decided to come back with very high temperature and summer holidays. Did you go somewhere for Sea day ?(*⌒▽⌒*)🌊
First of all, for craft, children made Marine day cards to celebrate Sea day. This craft represents a submarine view with fishes, jellyfishes, seeweeds and stars. Children glued eyes on the fishes and on the jellyfishes to make them more funny (*^o^*)🐠🐟
For cooking class, children ate ice cream sandwich. This snack was so cold but also so delicious. Children loved it very much and asked for more {{ (>_<) }}😋
This month, Kid’s song was「The little turtle」♪
This song tells the story of a little turtle catch in a box. The turtle swam in a pond and climbed a band of rocks. She tried to snap at a mosquito, a flee and a minnow and finally caught them after many efforts. This song was very funny to sing with children♪ (*⌒▽⌒*)