Art & Craft Preschool 11月

Hello everyone(^▽^)/

November was the month of 紅葉 or autumn leaves. Red leaves were falling down on the ground. It was a good occasion to prepare new activities for autumn season ((´∀`))
First of all, for craft, kids did some creations with red leaves. When we went outside for a picnic, children took red leaves on the ground and used them to create an autumn tree. They were very happy to choose their own autumn leaves for their creations(^▽^)
For cooking class, children ate churros with sugar. Some kids were surprised by the taste and the form☆
So yummy and so funny😋 
This month, Kid’s song was「Five little turkeys」♪
This song tells the story of five little turkeys whose are waiting for Thanksgiving ♪ 
Do you know what is Thanksgiving ? It is a very special day in America, celebrated on the the fourth Thursday in November with a big family meal. The main course is a turkey 😋